Online Barcode Registration is an Online Barcode Registration Service that we offer to increase the internet profile of your product by Online Barcode Registration in our central database  for barcodes. There are several advantages to registering your barcode online.

1. helps with android or other cell phone app scanners such as ‘Red Laser.’ So that when the product barcode is scanned the product information will appear.

2. will increase the internet profile of the product so that when the barcode is searched for on Google or another search engine, the product information with picture will appear.

3. If a barcode is registered on internet database by, it can dissuade people from using the barcode number illegally on sites like Amazon. If a quick internet search tells that barcode number is in use they will be much less likely to use the barcode, while people cannot legally use legitimately sold barcode numbers, if they are being used illegally it is an extra hassle for the legal owner of the barcode number to follow this up. This can be easily avoided with barcode registration in Online Barcode Registration Service rendered by

Barcode Registration

 With barcode registration by we will register your barcode and product information on the internet database of Once we recieve an order for this, we will e-mail you through a request for the relevant information. We will then register your barcode and product on this database.

Note: This Online Barcode Registration Service is excluded of our barcode packages, hence, this Online Barcode Registration Service should be separately purchased and yearly renewal fee is required after you have acquired a barcode package. To get the Online Barcode Registration Service you have to buy first EAN-13 barcodes through our key concern bud-O-leaves.

Our both services are given below:

for more quotation like (10 pcs, 30 pcs, 50 pcs of Barcode) please contact us on email: or call to : 01711527514

Extra Information About Barcodes

Retail barcodes are unique product identifier, assigned to each finished/manufactured product that is ready to be sold in retail stores. The barcode numbers is connected with the product information by individual retailers and by online barcode database such as this.

‘Barcode Numbers’ make work easier for retailers they are a fast and accurate way to indentify what product is being received into the store or sold at the checkout. Computers scan and read barcodes on products as they go into and out of shops. This computer system can also be used for stock tracking to show the store when they need to reorder a product.

If you need to buy a barcode for your product to introduce in the Super Shop or want to export worldwide we encourage you to purchase one from our key concern named bud-O-leaves having it’s registered office at BPL Bhaban, Suite# 401, 89 & 89/1, Arambag, Motijheel, Dhaka-1000 who are reputable barcode suppliers & compliance of the international Barcode Network.

Features of EAN-13 Barcodes

provided by bud-O-leaves

-One Stop Shop

-No Joining Fees

-No Membership Fee

-Internationally workable

-Accepted By More Retailers

-Numbers Checked for Illegal Use

-Can be verified for client’s interest

-Experience (17 Years in the Industry)